Montessori School of Central Marin
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San Rafael, CA 
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  • Mar 8: Parent Education: Montessori in the Home
  • Mar 11: Family Garden Party
  • ​Mar 17: St. Patrick's Day Luncheon
  • Mar 30: Parent Education: Positive Discipline Part II
  • April 3-28: Parent Observation Days

​317 Auburn Street
San Rafael, CA 94901

Main: (415) 456-1748
Fax: (415) 456-7179

Prospective parents can schedule an appointment  for a tour and learn about our programs.
Montessori School of Central Marin follows guidelines from the philosophy of Maria Montessori and is an affiliate of the American Montessori Society (AMS). The school offers a full time Bilingual Program where children are taught to communicate in both English and Spanish through various mediums and activities. A full Montessori curriculum provides a rich environment for students to learn spontaneously. 
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