Montessori School of Central Marin
Providing a Wholesome Education Since 1974
San Rafael, CA 
About Us
Montessori School of Central Marin follows guidelines from the philosophy of Maria Montessori and is an affiliate of the American Montessori Society (AMS). The school offers a full time Bilingual Program where children are taught to communicate in both English and Spanish through various mediums and activities. A full Montessori curriculum provides a rich environment for students to learn spontaneously. We also offer music, yoga, cooking, gardening, dance, and art. In addition, children can participate in extra curricular activities like gymnastics and drama as part of our after school program. Our children enjoy a good balance of indoor and outdoor activities that will nurture and further challenge their mind. Children also enjoy monthly field trips to give them a better understanding of their community. Lastly, our school is also proud to have teachers and families from various cultural backgrounds and students have the opportunity to learn from their food, traditions, practices, and even celebrations!
Mission Statement

The Mission of Montessori School of Central Marin is to support the development of each child's potential based upon Dr. Montessori's insights as to the nature of the child, the role of the directress, and the need for a prepared environment.  Staff development and parental services are provided to inform the adult how to best support the child's development.  Resources and attention are placed on the child's environment to optimize development.  The child is our focus.  
Philosophy Statement

The child is naturally interested and curious about the world.  The child effortlessly absorbs knowledge about the world.  Additionally, the child has sensitive periods for movement, language, and order that support further involvement in the world.  Within the context of an accepting and nurturing environment, the child's natural tendencies to know the world are developed. 
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